Digital Library for Community Forestry

  1. Acharya_Participatory assessment of biodiversity conservation in community forestry in Nepal
  2. Adhikari_Is community forestry a new concept
  3. Agarwal_Does Women’s Proportional Strength Affect their Participation
  4. Agarwal_Participatory exclusions, community forestry, & gender – An analysis for South Asia & a conceptual framework
  5. Agarwal_Rural women, poverty & natural resources
  6. Agbogidi_Forestry extension – implications for forest protection
  7. Agrawal_Common Property Institutions & Sustainable Governance of Resources
  8. Alcorn_Development Policy, Forests, & Peasant Farms – Reflections on Huastec-Managed Forests’ Contributions to Commercial Production & Resource Conservation
  9. Altman_Leveraging high-value natural resources to restore the rule of law
  10. ANAFE_New Perspectives in Forestry Education
  11. Arnold_25 years of CF Arnold_25 years of Community Forestry
  12. Asian Forest Network_Participatory Rural Appraisal for Community Forest Management – Tools & Techniques
  13. Bell_Liberia country report on conservation and wildlife management_1984
  14. Benefits of trees and forests
  15. Berger_Giving Women Credit
  16. Berkes_Rediscovery of traditional ecological knowledge as adaptive management
  17. Berkes_Rethinking community based conservation Blaser_Assessment of the current status of the forest sector in Liberia
  18. Berry_Social institutions & access to resources
  19. Bhagavan_Class character of rural energy crisis – Case of Karnataka
  20. Bishaw_Agroforestry & Community Forestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Watersheds on the Ethiopian Highlands
  21. BK_Practice of Community Adaptation to Climate Change – Case of Community Forestry User Groups of Nepal
  22. Blundell_Conflict timber and Liberia’s war
  23. Bockstael_On Measuring Economic Values for Nature
  24. Boven_Best Practices for IK
  25. Brennan_Evolving USAID Forestry Programmes In Africa
  26. Brokensha_Changes in the uses of plants in Mbeere, Kenya
  27. Bromley_Property relations & Economic Development
  28. Brown_Propects for community forestry in Liberia – Implementing the National Forestry Policy
  29. Brownell_Community Mapping in Liberia
  30. Campbell_The use of wild fruits in Zimbabwe
  31. Campbell_Traditional agrodforestry practices in Zimbabwe
  32. Carter_Tree cultivation on private land in the Middle Hills of Nepal – Lessons from some villagers of Dolakha District
  33. Castro_Indicators of Rural Inequality
  34. Castro_The Southern Mount Kenya Forest Since Independence – A Social Analysis of Resource Competition
  35. Cavestro_Participatory Rural Appraisal – Concepts, Methodologies, & Techniques
  36. Cecelski_Energy & rural women’s work
  37. Chambers_Origins of PRA
  38. Chambers_Trees as saving & security for the rural poor
  39. Chambers_Trees to meet contingencies – Savings & security for the rural poor
  40. Chambers_Trees, seasons & the poor
  41. Charnley & Poe_CF in Theory & Practice
  42. Charnley_Community Forestry in Theory & Practice – Where Are We Now
  43. Chen_Economic development of local communities and biodiversity conservation – a case study from Shennongjia National Nature Reserve, China
  44. CIFOR_Incomes from Forests – Methods for the development & conservation of forest products for local communities
  45. CIFOR_Towards a shared vision & action frame for community forestry in Liberia
  46. Colchester_Rights-Based Approaches to Peoples & Forests, Some lessons from the Forest Peoples Programme
  47. Community Forestry Process Training Manual_Nepal CRS_RRA & PRA Manual
  48. Cowling_Four perspectives on conservation in Africa
  49. Cunningham_Effects of Basket-Weaving Industry on Mokola Palm & Dye Plants in NW Botswana
  50. Danielsen_Increasing Conservation Management Action by Involving Local People in Natural Resource Monitoring
  51. Davidsen_Sources of change in community forestry – Roles of Learning & Beliefs in Policy Process
  52. Davis_Participatory rural appraisal
  53. Dewees_The wood fuel crisis reconsidered – Observations on the dynamics of abundance & scarcity
  54. Dewees_Trees & farm boundaries – Farm forestry, land tenure & reform in Kenya
  55. Dixon_Benefits and Costs of Establishing a National Park in Madagascar
  56. Dove_Foresters’ beliefs about farmers
  57. Dove_Theories of swidden agriculture & the political economy of ignorance
  58. Eighth International Conference on Environmental Compliance & Enforcement
  59. Evans_Guide to Participatory Tools for Forest Communities
  60. Falconer_”Hungry season” food from the forests
  61. FFI_Integrating Livelihoods and Governance with Conservation – Learning from Experience
  62. FAO_Asking women the right questions
  63. FAO_Forestry for local Community Development
  64. FAO_Gender & Forestry FAO_Implementing a process to include women
  65. FAO_Importance of small forest-based processing enterprises in developing countries
  66. FAO_Negotiation and mediation techniques for natural resource management
  67. FAO_Non-wood forest product community based enterprise development in Lao
  68. FAO_Rapid appraisal – TOC
  69. FAO_Rapid appraisal – Background
  70. FAO_Rapid appraisal – Definition of RRA Toolkit
  71. FAO_Rapid appraisal – Description of the Elements of the Toolkit
  72. FAO_Rapid appraisal – Elements of RRA toolkit
  73. FAO_Rapid appraisal – Annotated Biblio
  74. FAO_Selecting tree species on the basis of community needs_case studies
  75. FAO_Selecting tree species on the basis of community needs_preface
  76. FAO_Simpler Forest Management Plans for Participatory Forestry
  77. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_TOC
  78. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_Background
  79. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_Ch2
  80. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_Ch3
  81. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_Ch4
  82. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_Appendices
  83. FAO_Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices_Bibliography
  84. FAO_The contribution of forestry to food security
  85. FAO_Women in Community Forestry
  86. Felker_Uses of tree legumes in semiarid regions
  87. Fernandes_Chagga home gardens – Multistoried agroforestry cropping system on Mt Kilimanjaro
  88. Fisher_Adaptive Collaborative Management of Community Forests in Asia
  89. Forestry Education_Liberia Fortmann_Tree tenure factor in agroforestry with particular reference to Africa
  90. Fortmann_Women in subsistence forestry
  91. Francis_Sociological & Ecological factors in technology adoption, fodder trees in Nigeria
  92. French_Confronting an unsolvable problem – Deforestation in Malawi
  93. Fromm_Forestry for Development – Some lessons from Asia
  94. GEF_Evidence Base for Community Forest Management as a Mechanism for Supplying Global Environmental Benefits & Improving Local Welfare
  95. Geldenhuys_Sustainable forest management in Africa
  96. German Forestry Mission_Code for the Inventory
  97. Githiru_Conservation in Africa – but for whom
  98. GoL_ Guidelines for Forest Management Planning in Liberia_2009
  99. GoL_Integrating Commercial, Community & Conservation Functions in the Forest Sector_Liberia
  100. GoL_Liberia’s national biodiversity strategy & action plan
  101. GoL_National Sustainable Development Report_2012
  102. GoL_Nimba County Development Agenda
  103. GoL_Sinoe Community Development Agenda
  104. GoL_State of the environment report_Liberia_2006
  105. Gombya-Ssembajjwe_Conflicts in Community Forestry – Experiences from Uganda
  106. Gowdy_One world, one experiment – addressing the biodiversity-economics conflict
  107. Gurung_Concepts & Methods of Common Property Resource Management
  108. Hackel_Community Conservation and the Future of Africa’s Wildlife
  109. Hammermaster_Forest resources mapping of Liberia
  110. Harrison_Progress & prospects of community forestry in developing & developed countries
  111. Harrison_Property Rights Issues in Small-scale Forestry in the Philippines
  112. Hayes_Policy insights for community forestry – Lessons from a comparative analysis of forest management in Honduras, Nicaragua & Tanzania
  113. Hoskins_Contribution of forestry to food security
  114. IUCN_Governance as key for effective and equitable protected area systems Jeanrenaud_People oriented conservation
  115. Jansen_Timber Trees of Liberia
  116. Jodha_Rural common property resources – Contributions & crisis
  117. Karsenty_Forest Taxation Regime for Tropical Forests
  118. Kideghesho_Factors influencing conservation attitudes of local people in Western Serengeti, Tanzania
  119. Kiptot_Gender & agroforestry in Africa, review of women’s participation
  120. Klooster_Institutional choice, community, & struggle – A case study of co-management in Mexico
  121. Klooster_Toward adaptive community forest management – Integrating local forest knowledge with scientific forestry
  122. Koffa_Community forestry in Liberia
  123. Krelove_Forestry Taxation in Africa – The cases of Liberia & Gabon
  124. Kruger_Understanding community-forest relations
  125. Kuster_Balancing Development and Conservation? An Assessment of Livelihood & Environmental Outcomes of Nontimber Forest Product Trade in Asia, Africa, & Latin America
  126. Lachapelle_Access to Power or Genuine Empowerment_Nepal
  127. Lamb_Pursuing community forestry in Liberia Larson_Introduction to Forest Governance, People & REDD+ in Latin America
  128. Lawry_Devolution of forest rights & sustainable forest management
  129. Lecup_Community-based tree & forest product enterprises – Market Analysis & Development
  130. Leonard_Political realities of African management
  131. Lewark_Study of gender equality in community based forest certification programmes in Nepal
  132. Liberia – Natural Resources
  133. Livelihoods__Conservation_Liberia
  134. Lomax_Forest governance in Liberia – An NGO perspective
  135. Luck_Alleviating spatial conflicts between biodiversity & humans
  136. LWF_Environmental Reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation
  137. Lynch_Nontimber forest products curriculum development project
  138. Margoluis_Threat Reduction Assessment for conservation
  139. Marshall_Practical Tools for Researching Successful NTFP Commercialization
  140. Mattison_Bridging the gaps between agricultural policy, land-use and biodiversity
  141. McAlpine_Liberia – Forests as a Challenge and an Opportunity
  142. McKall_Assessing participatory GIS for community‐based natural resource management claiming community forests in Cameroon
  143. Menzies_Three hundred years of taungya – A sustainable system of forestry in South China
  144. Michon_Multistoried agroforestry garden systems in West Sumatra, Indonesia
  145. Miehe_Acacia albida & other multipurpose trees_Sudan
  146. Millard_Incorporating agroforestry approaches into commodity value chains
  147. Monditoka_Decentralized Forest Governance
  148. Murali_Institutional & policy issues of participatory forestry
  149. Myers_Biodiversity hotspots for conservation
  150. Nadkarni_Not Preaching to the Choir – Communicating the Importance of Forest Conservation to Nontraditional Audiences
  151. Nagendra_Examining institutional change – Social conflict in Nepal’s leasehold forestry programme
  152. Neef_Land Tenure Systems & Rights in Trees & Forests
  153. Niamir_Traditional African range management techniques
  154. Nichols_U.S. bilateral assistance to Liberia – Forestry as the cornerstone to peacebuilding
  155. NTFP Market Analysis & Development_Map
  156. Odera_Lessons Learnt on Sustainable Forest Management in Africa
  157. Ojha_Citizen Participation in Forest Governance – Insights from Community Forestry in Nepal
  158. Operational plans as a policy instrument for second generation community forestry
  159. Orr_Education, Careers, and Callings – the Practice of Conservation Biology
  160. Otsuka_Does land tenure insecurity discourage tree planting? Evolution of customary land tenure & agroforestry management in Sumatra
  161. Palmer_Property rights and liability for deforestation under REDD – Implications for ‘permanence’ in policy design
  162. Pandey_Community forestry for climate change mitigation
  163. Peluso_Social forestry in Java – Reorienting management systems
  164. Perfecto_Biodiversity conservation in tropical agroecosystems – a new conservation paradigm
  165. Pichet_Opportunities & challenges of implementing a Timber Chain-of-Custody system in post-conflict Liberia
  166. Poffenberger_Community forestry economy & Use Patterns – PRA methods in South Gujarat, India
  167. Polansky_Participatory forest management in Africa – Lessons not learned
  168. Porter-Bolland_Community managed forests & forest protected areas – An assessment of their conservation effectiveness across the tropics
  169. Poteete_Heterogeneity, group size & collective action – Role of Institutions in Forest Management
  170. Poteete, Ostrom_Role of Instit in Forest Mgt Prabhu_Options and opportunities for community based forest resources management in Liberia
  171. Quisumbing_Land, tenure, and women
  172. Ribot_Forestry policy and charcoal production in Senegal
  173. Richards_Community cohesion in Liberia
  174. Rist_Participation, indigenous knowledge & trees Robinson_Does secure land tenure save forests? A review of the relationship between land tenure & tropical deforestation
  175. Romm_Assessing the benefits & costs of social forestry projects
  176. Romm_Forestry for development – Some lessons from Asia
  177. Sachtler_General Report on National Forest Inventory in Liberia
  178. Scheil_The value of tropical forest to local communities – Complications, caveats, & cautions
  179. Scherr_Biodiversity conservation and agricultural sustainability towards a new paradigm of ‘ecoagriculture’ landscapes
  180. Schultz_Conservation Means Behavior
  181. Shackleton_Household attributes promote diversity of tree holdings in rural areas, South Africa
  182. Sharma, R.A._Socio-Economic evaluation of agroforestry in Orissa (India)
  183. Shepherd_Social forestry in 1985 – Lessons learnt & topics to be addressed
  184. Stem_Monitoring and Evaluation in Conservation – a Review of Trends and Approaches
  185. Stibig_Use of NOAA remote sensing data for assessment of Liberia forest area
  186. Soulé_What is conservation biology
  187. sustainableforestryhandbook
  188. Suter_Forest Conservation & Management in Liberia – Piloting Communal Forests in the Post-Conflict Period
  189. Sutherland_One Hundred Questions of Importance to the Conservation of Global Biological Diversity
  190. Tanaka_Forest Management Plans for Collective Forest Managers in Developing Countries
  191. Taylor_How can participatory processes of curriculum development impact on the quality of teaching and learning in developing countries
  192. Temphel_Community Forestry contributes to national & millennium development Goals_Bhutan
  193. Temu_Restructuring Africa’s Forestry Education
  194. Topor_Priorities & Challenges of Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change – A Focus on the Liberian Agricultural Sector
  195. Underwood_Baseline training needs assessment for community forestry in South Africa
  196. Wilson_Biological diversity crisis
  197. Wollenberg_Incomes from Forests – Methods for the development & conservation of forest products for local communities
  198. World Bank_Improving the Livelihoods of Palm Oil Smallholders the Role of the Private Sector
  199. World Bank_Improving the Livelihoods of Palm Oil Smallholders the Role of the Private Sector
  200. World Bank_Mainstreaming social & environmental considerations into the Liberian National Forestry Reform Proces

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